simplegui_lib_fps — class to calculate and display Frames Per Second

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Examples of use in :

simplegui_lib_fps module.

A class to calculate and display FPS (Frames Per Second) in SimpleGUI of CodeSkulptor.

Piece of SimpleGUICS2Pygame.

license:GPLv3 — Copyright (C) 2013-2014, 2020 Olivier Pirson
author:Olivier Pirson —
version:May 19, 2020
class SimpleGUICS2Pygame.simplegui_lib_fps.FPS(x=10, y=10, font_color='Red', font_size=40)[source]

Calculate and display FPS (Frames Per Second).

How to use:

  • Create an instance of FPS: fps = FPS()
  • Start: fps.start()
  • And put the draw_fct() in the end of your canvas’ draw handler: fps.draw_fct(canvas)
__init__(x=10, y=10, font_color='Red', font_size=40)[source]

Set an instance to calculate FPS and drawing on position (x, y).

  • x – int or float
  • y – int or float
  • font_color – str
  • font_size – int > 0

list of weak references to the object (if defined)


Update the number of frames drawn and draw the FPS.

This method must be called from the canvas’ draw handler (the function passed as a parameter to simplegui.Frame.set_draw_handler()).

Parameters:canvas – simplegui.Canvas

If FPS is active then return True, else return False.


Start calculation and drawing.

See draw_fct().


Stop calculation and drawing.