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Complete sources on Bitbucket:

Naming convention

Usually in Python, prepending a name by underscore _ is a convention for non-public items. Here intention is to separate additional variables and functions in SimpleGUICS2Pygame to the standard API of CodeSkulptor. One goal of SimpleGUICS2Pygame is to mimic as much as possible the behavior of CodeSkulptor. Additional functionalities are isolated with prepending underscore _.

Hierarchy of files on Bitbucket

  • SimpleGUICS2Pygame/: source code
    • example/: little example programs and games
    • script/
    • simpleguics2pygame/: main module (splitted in several files) that reimplementing the simpleguics2pygame module of CodeSkulptor
    • test/: test files, mainly to check compatibility with CodeSkulptor
    • module that reimplementing the codeskulptor module of CodeSkulptor
    • module that reimplementing the numeric module of CodeSkulptor
    • module that reimplementing the simpleplot module of CodeSkulptor
  • Sphinx/: source documentation
  • stuffs/: unimportant stuff
  • _dist/: last and previous versions of installation archive files
  • _img/: logos
  • Makefile: to build documentation, distributions, etc.
  • Python installation file


Before the version 2.0.0, the main module simpleguics2pygame was one file. Now it is splitted in several files in simpleguics2pygame/ subdirectory.

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