This is a free software, so you can download it, modify it and submit your modifications. You can also redistribute your own version (keeping the GPL license).

Complete sources on Bitbucket:

Hierarchy of files on Bitbucket

  • SimpleGUICS2Pygame/: source code
    • example/: little example programs and games
    • script/
    • simpleguics2pygame/: main module (splitted in several files) that reimplementing the simpleguics2pygame module of CodeSkulptor
    • test/: test files, mainly to check compatibility with CodeSkulptor
    • module that reimplementing the codeskulptor module of CodeSkulptor
    • module that reimplementing the numeric module of CodeSkulptor
    • module that reimplementing the simpleplot module of CodeSkulptor
  • Sphinx/: source documentation
  • stuffs/: unimportant stuff
  • _dist/: last and previous versions of installation archive files
  • _img/: logos
  • Makefile: to build documentation, distributions, etc.
  • Python installation file


Before the version 02.00.00, the main module simpleguics2pygame was one file. Now it is splitted in several files in simpleguics2pygame/ subdirectory.